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Rabbi Dr. David Nesenoff

David Nesenoff, is a renowned speaker, rabbi, publisher, journalist, author, musician and filmmaker. He received his formal education from Yeshiva University, Hebrew University and The Jewish Theological Seminary where he received his Masters, Ordination and Doctorate.


Dr. Nesenoff was an anti-bias consultant for the U. S. Justice Department’s Civil Rights Monitors Office and his creative award winning films have been screened by numerous venues including the Sundance Film Festival. He was the publisher and editor-in-chief of The Jewish Star newspaper in New York and The Jerusalem Observer in Israel.


David Nesenoff was the keynote speaker at Yale University’s global symposium on anti-Semitism and he received the National Jewish Hero Award from the Rohr Jewish Learning Institute.


Nesenoff’s interview with journalist and dean of the Washington press corps Helen Thomas at the White House caused her international demise. She was banished from her front row seat and from journalism after her 60-year career of covering every president since Eisenhower. The interview and its aftermath also caused a striking effect on Israel, international media, anti-Semitism and personally transformed the life of David Nesenoff.


Dr. Nesenoff literally travels the globe delivering highly sought after messages about Israel, the Jewish people, anti-Semitism, peace in our homes and lives, women in Judaism, the Sabbath, Chasidism and Chabad. From Israel to the U.S., Canada, Australia, Ireland, England, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Argentina, David's audiences have reviewed his presentation, or one-man show, as “hilarious” “mind-blowing” “uplifting” and “life-changing.”

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