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I Never Met The Rebbe Many Times
by David Nesenoff

I Never Met The Rebbe Many Times
"I applaud David Nesenoff’s delightfully disarming peek into the lives of individual Chabad emissaries. His journey weaves between hilarity and poignancy, and is as compelling as it is uplifting."

- Rabbi Efraim Mintz,
Executive Director, The Rohr Jewish Learning Institute
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Inspirational Speaker

David is an internationally renowned speaker and has entertained crowds in over 700 Chabad Houses with his humor and inspiration. Book David for an unforgettable event.
Many Inspirational Speaking Topics, including: 
  • Anti-Semitism:  What’s the reason? And how do we win?
  • Joy is a Serious Business: How to find happiness in these challenging times.
  • I Never Met The Rebbe Many Times: Inspirational stories of the Rebbe and shluchim.
  • Tangled Up in Life: Untangling the knots of life to enjoy marriage, children, and our world.
  • My Helen Thomas Interview: Reflections a decade later during these current events.
International Speaker
David Nesenoff

About David

David Nesenoff is a renowned speaker, rabbi, publisher, journalist, author, musician, and filmmaker.

Nesenoff was an anti-bias consultant for the U.S. Justice Department’s Civil Rights Monitors Office. His creative award-winning films have been screened by numerous venues including the Sundance Film Festival. He was the publisher and editor-in-chief of The Jewish Star newspaper in New York and The Jerusalem Observer in Israel.


David Nesenoff has spoken in over 700 Chabad Houses worldwide and was the keynote speaker on Gimmel Tammuz for an audience of thousands in Buenos Aires Argentina and at Yale University’s global symposium on anti-Semitism. He received the National Jewish Hero Award from the Rohr Jewish Learning Institute.


Nesenoff’s interview with journalist and dean of the Washington press corps Helen Thomas at the White House caused her international demise. She was banished from her front-row seat and journalism after her 60-year career of covering every president since Eisenhower. The interview and its aftermath also had a striking effect on Israel, international media, and anti-Semitism and personally transformed the life of David Nesenoff.


David Nesenoff travels the globe delivering highly sought-after messages about Israel, the Jewish people, anti-Semitism, peace in our homes and lives, women in Judaism, the Sabbath, Chasidism, and Chabad. From Israel to the U.S., Canada, Australia, Ireland, England, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Argentina, David's audiences have reviewed his presentation, or one-man show, as “hilarious” “mind-blowing” “uplifting” and “life-changing.”


Public Speaking Testimonials

Book Testimonials


“Truly Uplifting!”

- Rabbi Chaim Goldstein, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA


“Unbelievable! A Pro!”

- Rabbi Menachem Smith, United Jewish Generations


“Mind Blowing!”

- Rabbi Mendy Levy, The Shul Bal Harbour, Florida


“He just left and we want to have Nesenoff back!”

- Rabbi Nochum Schapiro, North Shore, Australia


“Everyone should hear David, especially during these times.”

- Rabbi Chaim Grossbaum, Stony Brook, NY


“He spoke powerfully before thousands on Gimmel Tammuz!”

- Rabbi Levi Silberstein, Buenos Aires, Argentina


"Powerful and Hilarious!”

- Rabbi Dovid Cohen, Wimbledon, England



- Rabbi Mendel Bluming, Potomac, Maryland


“The best speaker we’ve ever had!”

- Rabbi Mendy Cohen, Sacramento, California

"David Nesenoff ’s new book is for people like you and me whose hunger for well-written stories about the Rebbe is insatiable. I laughed in delight and was moved to tears."
- Mrs. Rishe Deitsch, Editor-in-Chief of the N’shei Chabad Newsletter

"With over 700 Chabad House visits under his belt, David Nesenoff is more than qualified to update us on the fascinating life of shluchim today. Sit back and enjoy the world tour!"
- Rabbi Tuvia Teldon, Regional Director, Chabad Lubavitch of Long Island

"I think this book speaks for everyone who met and never met the Rebbe. It captures the essence of a relationship with the Rebbe post-Gimmel Tammuz."
- Berel Solomon, Owner, Wealthy Group of Companies

Rabbi Nesenoff's style is characterized by its light and humorous tone. This individual has spoken at over 700 Chabad Houses worldwide and effectively conveys remarkably unusual and poignant messages and stories. These narratives vividly demonstrate the enduring impact of the Rebbe, on countless lives, day after day. 

- Joseph Telushkin, the author of "Rebbe."

"In his delightful book, David Nesenoff shares an inspiring account of a lifelong journey to discover the Divine providence and purpose in real life and real time. It serves as a wonderful template for seeking out the Divine within every event and encounter."
- Rabbi Mendel Kalmanson, Author of Positivity Bias

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